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ITT Exelis acquires signal processing firm

Virginia, US: ITT Exelis acquired Space Computer Corporation, a privately-owned firm that produces real time signal processing systems, software and algorithms for the full  exploitation of hyperspectral sensor data. In 2011, the company posted revenues of USD 14.1 million and currently employs about 37 people at its Los Angeles, California, facility.

Hyperspectral sensors are installed on a large number of satellites, manned aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles and are employed to detect and locate hidden or obscured targets, to cue other sensors for further verification, and to downlink data in real time to analysts and other end users. Space Computer, which will become a part of Exelis Geospatial Systems, has provided technology for nearly every US military hyperspectral sensor produced since 1996.

“Space Computer Corporation’s solutions address the challenge of data processing, an area of concern for a wide variety of our existing customers, as well as the military and intelligence communities overall,” said S Danny Rajan, director of emerging offerings, Exelis Geospatial Systems. “This acquisition aligns well with both our business strategy to be the leading provider of data processing, exploitation and dissemination solutions and with our desire to grow our technical capability in helping customers collect critical data and expediently process it to support decision-making.”

Source: ITT Exelis