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iTRAK links through Internet to provide real-time vehicle location

Fleet operators can now enhance response time and improve customer service by using an Internet-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system from Motorola. This new AVL system combines a Motorola Internet-capable iDEN® phone, an iTRAK(TM) in-vehicle module and a browser-based service called NavView(TM) that can provide customers in the courier, delivery, construction, contracting and taxi markets with a cost-effective AVL solution.
iTRAK is designed by Data Burst Technologies, uses an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and interface module to continually report (through the iDEN phone) each vehicle’s location to the NavView Web site. When subscribers log on to the website they can view, map and maintain historical data about a fleet or even a single vehicle from their office or home computer. All the while, the individual iDEN handset in the truck or car remains voice-capable. In addition to providing real-time vehicle positioning, other critical data, such as vehicle speed and arrival/departure time is recorded, and can be used in fleet scheduling to provide faster response time. Additional features include dynamic loading of maps, report generation, and zoom function to state, city or street level.