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ITEC Forum Addresses the Shift in Military Training

UK: ITEC forum, 2014, is taking place at Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany, from 20-22 May. Under the headline theme From Engagement to Preparedness: Implications for Military Simulation, Training and Education, ITEC 2014 will present a daily panel of leading figures from the military, industry, the civil sector and academia. After more than a decade of military operations focused largely in the Middle East, the international drawdown of troops is nearing completion. The need to respond to immediate issues arising in theatre is no longer the priority and for this reason military planners must be prepared to adapt – defining longer term threats and deciding how to apply resources against them. Military experts from around the world will use ITEC, the premier conference and exhibition for military training, education and simulation technology and services, to discuss different approaches to this intricate issue setting a precedent for the future.

From fighting daily wars in cyberspace to coordinating emergency responses and disaster relief on an increasingly tight budget, protecting national security presents a wider range of responsibilities and challenges. Following years focused on counter insurgency operations, the armed forces must now broaden their approach through training and education. The development of military technology has continued at an impressive pace and as those responsible for procurement begin to look for long-term innovations, the training and simulation sector has a particularly important role to play. Training providers who originally developed solutions specifically designed for military contingency are increasingly enhancing their offering with dual applications for the civil sector. This crossover is best demonstrated by the combined response of civil departments and the military to natural disasters which, unpredictable and volatile, can only be overcome through preparation and training.

Source: ITEC