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Itapema presents a map of the areas at risk of flooding and landslides to population

Next Monday the Civil Defense of Itapema, Santa Catarina, Brazil, will present a mapping of the areas at risk of flooding and landslides across the city. The study, made by the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), has determined areas in the hillsides susceptible to collapse and therefore should not be occupied.

The entire population is being convened to attend the map presentation, at 7 pm in the Municipal Council, precisely in order to have wide knowledge about the areas that should not be occupied. The study aims to prevent especially houses to collapse or stay underwater in case of excessive rainfall.

The mapping started its development in 2013. After the presentation of the highlighted areas by researchers from UFSC’s Center for Study and Research on Disasters next week, a geotechnical letter will be presented in September this year.

This document presents solutions in order to prevent flooding, and its indications should guide the city’s future actions to prevent disasters. Moisés Cesar Filho Motta, Itapema’s Civil Defence Director, remembers that Itapema recently suffered from landslides in 2013, when two families had to be removed, one from Alto de São Bento and other from Areal.

According to Motta, the city is awaiting environmental clearance to recover the vegetation of the region where landslides occurred. Another action in progress to prevent flooding is the removal of sediments from rivers Fabrício and Vera Cruz. For this, the state government has provided R$215,000 and the municipal government R$128,000.

Source: O Sol Diário