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Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced that Touring Club Italiano (TCI) (Milan, Italy), an Italian association for tourism development, is transitioning its cartographic production processes to a data-centric workflow using Intergraph solutions. The transition will streamline mapmaking by migrating processes from a traditional approach based on CAD systems to a new workflow using a centralized database system.

Touring Club Italiano, active in mapmaking since 1914, produces as many as 700 total European and country maps and guidebooks in various languages annually, which includes detailed tourist maps of towns and cities, geographical and thematic maps and street maps.

The association’s new workflow, based on Intergraph’s GeoMedia technology and Oracle Spatial, will capitalize on the use of a homogenous data set. The new workflow is completed by Dynamo technology for data validation, cartographic generalization and cartographic output. Using the new approach, TCI can now pull geospatial data from a database, deriving cartographic products at different scales from large-scale data.

The new workflow will be useful in TCI’s upcoming creation of a new geospatial database of Italy at 1:50K scale that will also be generalized into two different products at 1:100K and 1:200K scales. The new workflow will also position TCI to meet future goals, such as selling digital data on the Internet for online trading.