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Italy improves drinking water, natural gas services via GIS

Italy: ASA Azienda Servizi Ambientali S.p.A. has successfully completed field data collection and updates for improving the company’s services of wastewater facilities, public drinking water supplies, and natural gas distribution with the help of Supergeo Technologies’ SuperSurv 3.1a.

To ensure safe drinking water supplies and monitor water quality for promoting the public health in Italy, GIS provides the field workforce with the ability to capture, display, as well as update high-accuracy data on Android devices to increase field productivity and achieve data consistency. In addition to offering global coordinate system settings and enhanced layer management, Online Map Tool in SuperSurv 3.1a allows surveyors to apply online map sources like OpenStreetMap as basemaps to efficiently obtain measurement and required information for helping the decision makers produce feasible solutions to their application problems of sewage management, pollution monitoring, etc.

Source: Supergeotek