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Italian city gets GIS platform with SuperGIS Server 3

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that Macerata City Hall in Italy utilised SuperGIS Server 3 to establish an online GIS platform, which can assist users in creating, managing, and distributing a variety of GIS services over the Internet to overcome the ineffective communication between the government and the citizens.

Located in the Province of Macerata, Italy, Macerata City is famous for its rich cultural heritages and annual Sferisterio Opera Festival held in Arena Sferisterio during summer. To continually stimulate the tourism industry, the government accepted the recommendation by Helix S.r.l., SuperGeo’s exclusive distributor in Italy, to employ GIS technologies to enhance the governmental data fusion service.

Offering a scalable GIS server platform with complete web map services, the server GIS system allows the managerial administrators of the Information Department to build the feasible server environment to distribute GIS resources for internal workgroups and external users. Consequently, the governors can achieve the goal of improving the public service and living quality and increase the competitiveness of Macerata City.

SuperSurv 3 to map service of SuperGIS Server 3
At another front, the company announced that its SuperSurv 3, a mobile survey system, will support the connection to the map service of SuperGIS Server 3. Now, users will be able to apply the map service of SuperGIS Server as the base map on their mobile devices during field investigation.

SuperSurv is the mobile GIS application specially designed for Android OS. Integrating with GIS and GPS technologies, SuperSurv allows users to easily collect and survey spatial data in the field with Android mobile devices. The main functions of SuperSurv include data collection, positioning, map display and waypoint guidance. With the GPS functions, the data of point, line and polygon can all be captured quickly. In the meantime, the waypoint and track log can be recorded and managed well.

In order to make field investigation much easier for surveyors, enterprises can publish the specified spatial data as map services. Thus, besides using SGT files, field surveyors will be able to collect data effectively by applying the map service as the base map instead of carrying plenty of map data.

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