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ISVG integrates GPS tracking and hazardous load lock-down for tanker transports and high-value Van Cargo

Integrated Services Group announced an exclusive license agreement to integrate the patent pending “Lock-in-Load” system to protect hazardous material shipments from unauthorized terrorist-type activity, theft or tampering.

Current “lock box” security for tanker trucks comprises a band-aid approach easily bypassed with a simple set of bolt cutters. Lock-in-Load prevents this security threat and loss of money through relocating the release mechanism from the unprotected trailer and into the secure drivers cab. Using the existing truck/trailer air supply system, the Lock-in-Load System provides transporters of all types of cargo with a level of load security never before achieved.

The SkyberCorp version which is in development will allow the transportation authorities and related participants to “lock-down” the load in such a manner where the current “lock-in-load” solution will only release its security control of the load at an approved location determined by the GPS tracking solution integrated into the tanker or van transport. In emergencies the GPS tracking solution can also be authorized to shut the tanker transport completely down, immobilizing the rig based on the command and control application available to the transporters. SkyberCorp and Integrated Services will work directly with Lock-in-Load to deliver the best security for a total load control system which matches the latest technology with a physical load protection system.

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