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ISS crew perform successful GPS repair

United Kingdom: Expedition 31 crewmembers Don Pettit and André Kuipers were given the task on their timeline to fix a failed Global Positioning System (GPS) on the International Space Station (ISS). The repair was given certain priority as two operational GPS are required for next week’s scheduled arrival of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

The GPS failed last week and attempts to restore it from the ground were not successful. On May 14th 2012 Don and André’s timelines were rearranged to give them time to remove and replace hardware for the system. At 15:30 CEST after the repair, the Station crew received word from the ground that the damaged Global Positioning System (GPS) is now ‘working just fine’.

The Dragon spacecraft is scheduled for launch on 19 May, 10:55 CEST (08:55 UT). Berthing of Dragon with the ISS is set for 22 May.

Source: esa.com