Home News ISRO to set up VRCs to provide info to rural mass

ISRO to set up VRCs to provide info to rural mass

Indian Space Research Organisation would soon set up 25 Village Resource Centres across the country to provide locale-specific information to rural population through remote sensing satellites.

VRCs would utilise the space system for a variety of applications to provide information on various fields such as land use, land cover, soil and ground water prospects, an ISRO report said.

The facility would also enable online interaction between local farmers and agricultural scientists to discuss crop related problems and could provide critical information to fishermen such as sea state and wave heights, it said.

VRCs would also facilitate interaction between the people at different nodes through audio and video links. Besides, it would also inform people in remote areas about various government schemes, farming system, action plans based on weather, community-specific advice on soil and water conservation, it said.