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ISRO to enhance space-based services

Karnataka, India: India aims to increase its space-based assets to meet the growing demand for enhanced services in communications, broadcasting, remote-sensing and navigation, a top space agency official said. “To meet the rising demand for multiple space-based services spanning communication, navigation and earth observation, we are enhancing our capacity in terms of rockets, satellites and ground-based systems,” Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K. Radhakrishnan said at a space summit.

Unveiling the country’s ambitious projects and missions at a round-table meeting on “Space Vision 2020 and Beyond”, Radhakrishnan said for optimal utilisation of space resources cost-effectively, ISRO was building heavier rockets and dedicated satellites for communications and television broadcasting, remote sensing and navigation applications.

“We are doubling our rocket launches soon to deploy as many heavier communication and earth-observation satellites for meeting the growing demand of service providers, state-run organisations and security agencies,” Radhakrishnan said.

Radhakrishnan also called in for international synergy in space missions.

“In this context, I call for international synergy in space missions to reduce the cost of access to space resources and in exploring the inter-planetary system through collaboration and partnership,” he told heads and top officials of six other space agencies worldwide.

“As space missions have become cost prohibitive and require enormous human and technology resources, collaborating and partnering will be a win-win for all stakeholders,” noted Radhakrishnan.

Noting that low-cost access to space was the way for future missions due to budgetary constraints and other limitations, the rocket scientist said safety and security of space-based assets were equally important for sharing the benefits of their applications to improve the quality of life on earth and to fulfil the quest of humankind in knowing the universe.

Source: News Track India