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‘ISRO should build satellite service station’

Bangalore, India: Former President of India A P J Abdul Kalam proposed that Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) should build a satellite service station in geo-synchronous orbit. Kalam is also known as an acclaimed space scientist. He said many satellites in the geo-synchronous orbit face problems relating to power and fuel after three or five years in service.
He wanted ISRO to take advantage of this opportunity to service such satellites. Speaking after releasing a book titled “All About Rockets”, written by S K Das, at ISRO headquarters, Kalam spoke about other opportunities for ISRO in the area of low cost access to space.
Noting that globally, it cost USD 20,000 to launch one kg payload, he said ISRO should strive to do this for USD 2,000 using nanotechnology, single-stage and reusable technologies. Kalam also suggested that ISRO should work towards building solar-powered satellites.