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ISRO project on Kamrup

Guwahati, India, July 11,2007: A new project sponsored by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) would aim to reveal the environmental reality of Kamrup district. In two years the mission would attempt to use satellite imagery and ground-based observation to arrive at a number of conclusions regarding the land-use pattern, surface water quality of large water bodies, and air pollution at select points of the district.

A major aim of the project would be to produce a dispersion model for Guwahati. The amount of sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, respirable particulate matter, suspended particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide would be recorded.

The study has produced a large-scale map based on satellite imagery of the entire district, which contains all the important natural and man-made structures. In the next few months a digital elevation model of Kamrup would be prepared based on LISS 3 data from ISRO. The model would be a key advancement towards studying floodwater management and irrigation planning.

According to the principal investigator, the project would go beyond stating facts about the environment and would suggest remedial measures on several fronts. Within two years time the data generated and the conclusions drawn could indicate the steps necessary for better resource utilisation in the district.