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ISRO hopes to map surface of Moon

BANGALORE, India: Landing a human being on the Moon, increasing the reliability of satellite launch systems, improving communication means in space and protecting astronauts from radiation — these are what Madhavan Nair, chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) counts as the country’s greatest challenges in the future.

Delivering the BMA-HAL J M Shrinagesh Memorial Lecture on Thursday on challenges in space research, Nair said that though launchers had a failure rate of 1%, they could not afford to have even that when it came to putting a man in space. Terming Chandrayaan as the culmination of four decades of space research, he said that within a year, ISRO hoped to complete mapping the entire surface of the Moon.

Talking of future challenges in space research, he said that landing on the Moon would be a real challenge. “Astronauts now carry their environment with them. Creating a habitat to survive in space and evolving a protection system to protect against radiation is crucial,” he said.

The man capsule is likely to carry three people. “The programme is likely to be complete by 2015, when we can put Man around the Earth. The journey to the Moon is further ahead and we would need to double the capacity of launchers. We hope to touch the Moon by 2020 and beyond,” he said.