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ISRO extends a reverberating welcome to its new Chief Kiran Kumar

AS Kiran Kumar appointed as new ISRO chiefIndia: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has extended a reverberating welcome to its new Chief, Mr.Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar who was recently appointed the Secretary, Department of Space and Chairman of Space Commission by the Government of India.

An engineer par excellence – Mr.Kiran Kumar has spent his life designing and building the ears and eyes for the Indian Earth Observation Satellites. A man of few words and loads of actions – he was leading the ISRO’s Space Application Centre – a multi disciplinary centre and also the nerve centre for ISRO’s satellite payload development and applications development.

He was duly conferred with the Padma-Shree, in 2014, for his extensive contribution to Indian Space Programme and in particular towards India’s maiden and successful race to the red planet. He is honoured with several coveted awards including Indian Society of Remote Sensing Award, VASVIK Award for Electronic sciences and technology, Laurels for Team Achievement Award of International Academy of Astronautics, Astronautical Society of India Award for Space Sciences and Applications, Bhaskara Award by Indian Society of Remote Sensing and ISRO Performance Excellence Award etc.

Shri Kiran Kumar joined ISRO in 1975 after completing his Physics (Honours) Degree, Master in Electronics from Bangalore University and thereafter, M. Tech Degree in Physical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore). Shri Kiran Kumar commendably held several techno-managerial positions at the Space Application Centre and contributed extensively for development of Electro-optical Imaging Camera systems for all Indian Earth Observation Satellites that brought India to the forefront in remote sensing technology globally.

Shri Kiran Kumar was the principal investigator of Terrain mapping camera and Hyper spectral camera payloads that flew in Chandrayaan-1 mission. The data from these two payloads provided the lion’s share of the Lunar Atlases that ISRO produced.

He went on to become the Associate Director of Space Applications Centre in 2009 and later its Director in 2012. It is during this period – he steered the design and development of several break through areas in ISRO like – the space-borne synthetic aperture radar for India's first microwave imaging satellite RISAT-1, multi-band communication transponder system for GSAT-7 communication satellite for strategic applications, navigation payloads for Indian National Regional Navigation System.

For the Mars Orbiter Mission, he has been playing a pivotal role in developing the scientific instruments apart from guiding the entire mission operations as the Chief of Spacecraft Authorization Board.

ISRO in its Facebook post realased this information, and said his in depth understanding of Spacecraft technology is phenomenal. It further said that Mr. Kiran has glorious track record and that he is one among the most outstanding scientists ISRO has ever produced.

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