GeoWrap: ISRO engaging with private players; Avineon launches innovation lab and more

GeoWrap: ISRO engaging with private players; Avineon launches innovation lab and more


Avineon launches portal on innovation lab to highlight GIS network management

US: Avineon has launched a new portion of the Avineon Innovation Lab dedicated to insightful articles, white papers, and videos highlighting the impact of Esri’s Network Management System in the ArcGIS Platform…(Read more)

ArianeGroup starts production of VINCI engine combustion chamber

Germany: ArianeGroup has begun construction of the combustion chamber for the first flight model of VINCI engine at its Ottobrun site near Munich. Construction was begun following more than 120 successful tests, using development models…(Read more)

NinthDecimal acquires mobile audience platform MoLOGIQ

US: In a bid to accelerate the building of new data programs with regards to location, NinthDecimal has acquired MoLOGIQ, a mobile audience platform. As part of the acquisition, the former will also form NinthDecimal Labs,..(Read more)

Rezatech offers EO-based pasture farming intelligence tool to Harwell dairy farmers

UK: Satellite communication services Rezatec, in conjunction with the University of Reading are offering PASQUAL, a service to dairy farmers to monitor and predict the pasture quality and productivity from satellites(Read more)

NASA observes hurricane Dora dissipating rapidly from GPM satellite mission

US: Two days of satellite imagery from the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite showed that Dora, formerly a hurricane, went from generating moderate rainfall to barely any rainfall…(Read more)


Indian Culture Ministry uses geospatial technology to maintain heritage sites

The intricately designed Taj Mahal, known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is under serious pollution threat. A recent report says that pollution will destroy the aesthetic beauty of this ancient heritage. But this is not the only monument, several other heritage sites are grappling with the same problem…(Read more)

Why ISRO is engaging more and more with private players

Amid all the noise about new satellites and maiden launches, there is something interesting quietly taking place at the Indian Space Research Organization. It is building and nurturing the private industrial capabilities in the country to support its activities…(Read more)


Surya Jeedigunta of 3P Foundation, explains role of geospatial technology in building smart cities

In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Surya Jeedigunta of 3P Foundation explains the role of geospatial technology in building smart cities. Jeedigunta further explains how 3P Foundation is providing various platforms to India(See here)