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ISRO celebrates remote sensing day 2015

India: Dr. MYS Prasad, Former Distinguished Scientist (Apex), ISRO & Former Director, SDSC-SHAR recently delivered a lecture on 'Space Policy' on 12th August, as part of the Remote Sensing Day celebrations held at National Remote Sensing Centre. The event was organised by Indian Society of Remote Sensing (Hyderabad Chapter) in association with Indian Society of Geoinformatics (Hyderabad Chapter) and attended by members of ISRS and ISG Hyderabad Chapter, apart from scientists and engineers of NRSC, ADRIN and INCOIS. In his lecture, Prasad talked about various aspects of Space Policy. He explained various space policies and discussed the importance of space policy with reference Indian Space Programme. Prasad also highlighted the concept of risk sharing and space insurance market. He provided the big picture on space debris scenario and discussed the current issues to be addressed in space policy.

Source: ISRO