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ISRO celebrates 40th birthday

Bangaluru: The satellite centre of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) turned 40 on May 11. What started as an agreement between India and Russia in 1972, to build the first Indian Satellite Aryabhatta resulted in building more than 50 satellites in the last 40 years.

ISRO announced ISAC will now focus on building satellites to provide navigation applications like position and timing services in civil aviation and strategic sectors. A press statement said ISAC is working on seven communication satellites, a meteorological satellite, space science missions like the Chandrayaan-2, ASTROSAT and Space Capsule Recovery Experiment-2 and SARAL, a joint mission with France.  ISRO will also build Space Research Facility (SRF) at Chellakere in Chitradurga district.

Source: expressbuzz.com