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ISRO aims for 25cm resolution imagery

K Radhakrishnan, ISRO chairmanIndia: Speaking at the convocation of BITS-Pilani Hyderabad, ISRO chairman K Radhakrishnan said, “The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to replace the ageing satellites and enhance the earth observation capability to the level of 0.25 m spatial resolution and provide new capability for imaging from geo stationary orbit with 50m spatial resolution.”

He added that ISRO is also partnering with Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA to jointly develop a dual frequency microwave imaging satellite by 2020. “In this scheme of alliance, ISRO is responsible for the overall satellite platform, S Band synthetic aperture radar and the launch of the satellite by GSLV,” he explained.

ISRO’s portal mentions that according to the Space Vision India 2025 mission, ISRO plans to develop satellite based communication and navigation systems for rural connectivity, security needs and mobile services and enhance imaging capability for natural resource management, weather and climate change studies.

Source: LiveMint