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Israel’s Ofek 10 satellite enters orbit

Israel: Israel recently launched its tenth satellite into space. The satellite, known as Ofek 10, is one of a group of reconnaissance satellites that gather information for military purposes. Ofek 10, weighs 330 kg, orbits the earth at a height of between 400 and 600 km, according to the needs of the operators, and completes each orbit every 90 minutes.

According to the Israel Defense Forces’ data, each satellite makes about 800 reconnaissance orbits a year for a total of 64,000 minutes annually. The previous satellite, Ofek 9, was launched in June 2010. Ofek 10 is the seventh Israeli satellite currently in orbit. Ofek 10 is meant to improve Israel's intelligence capabilities and allow the defense establishment to better deal with threats both close and far, all hours of the day and in all weather conditions. A section of media also reported that Israel plans to use the new satellite to monitor hostile militant groups, presumably such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

Source: Israel Defense Forces