Israeli drone company Flytrex selected for FAA partnership

Israeli drone company Flytrex selected for FAA partnership


US: Israeli drone logistics company Flytrex has joined hands with the North Carolina state government to participate in a groundbreaking Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot program that will bring Flytrex’s food-delivery drone technology closer to being rolled out in the United States.

The FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration Pilot Program pairs state and local governments with private companies for safe deployment of drones in America. The program assists the US Department of Transportation and the FAA creates new rules that allow more complex low-altitude operations.

Now that Flytrex is part of the FAA pilot program, the sky may soon be the limit for retail-to-your-door deliveries of everything from toothpaste to sushi. While Bash readily admits that Amazon will undoubtedly own the biggest chunk of the drone delivery business, “if we can have a fraction of the rest of the market,” it will still be a very profitable business, he

“This is a breakthrough moment for drone deliveries, the start of an exciting new era,” CEO Yariv Bash told ISRAEL21c. “Commercial drones represent a far safer, cheaper, faster and eco-friendly mode of transportation than existing delivery options, and this stamp of approval from the FAA is an invaluable stepping stone to getting widespread drone delivery off the ground.”