GeoWrap: Israeli drone company Flytrex selected for FAA partnership; Small packages to...

GeoWrap: Israeli drone company Flytrex selected for FAA partnership; Small packages to test big space technology advances and more


Israeli drone company Flytrex selected for FAA partnership

US: Israeli drone logistics company Flytrex has joined hands with the North Carolina state government to participate in a groundbreaking Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot program that will bring Flytrex’s food-delivery drone technology closer to being rolled out in the United States. The FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration Pilot Program pairs state and local governments with private companies for safe deployment of drones in America. The program assists the US Department…(Read More)

Small packages to test big space technology advances

US: The cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station that took off from NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia carried, among its supplies and experiments, three cereal box-sized satellites that will be used to test and demonstrate the next generation of Earth-observation technology. The three CubeSat missions launched on Orbital ATK’s ninth commercial resupply mission represents a broad range of cutting-edge technologies. RainCube – a Radar in a CubeSat – is just that: a miniaturized…(Read More)

SpaceDataHighway: 10,000 successful laser connections and a reliability of around 99%

US: The SpaceDataHighway system – the world’s first ‘optical fiber in the sky’ based on cutting-edge laser technology – has achieved 10,000 successful laser connections. The reliability rate has reached 99.8 percent, and during the first one and a half years of routine operations, these successful connections have downloaded more than 500 terabytes of data. The system’s satellites are designed to lock on to low-orbiting satellites via laser and collect their data as they travel in low Earth…(Read More)

MAPS SLs emulator for simulation of Location Based Services in LTE Network

US: GL Communications, a global leader in telecom test and measurement solutions, today announced its enhanced Location Services (LCS) architecture in LTE network briefly, and its latest MAPS™ SLs Emulator solution to meet the requirements in location services testing on LTE networks. Speaking to the press, the CEO of GL Communications Mr. Vijay Kulkarni said, “LTE is similar to GSM/UMTS network and follows a client/server model with the positioning functionality distributed across LTE radio nodes…(Read More)

SUNSEA launches the world’s first Intelligent IoT Cloud Module

US: At the IoT World 2018 conference held in the Santa Clara Convention Center, SUNSEA, a Shenzhen based IoT pioneer, launched the world’s first intelligent IoT cloud module. This new product, based on cloud services, big data and CPS technology is designed to provide end users with smart services such as device-cloud connection, module cloud diagnosis, and predictive maintenance. This new cloud module represents a major innovation in cloud integration and the introduction…(Read More)

EARSC and Eurochile join forces to promote EO products and services within the framework of the Copernicus program

Belgium: The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) and the Eurochile Business Foundation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), establishing a formal cooperation initiative between EARSC, responsible for promoting the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology and supporting companies in Europe which offer EO-related products and services, and Eurochile responsible for promoting economic, trade, and technological cooperation between the private sector…(Read More)

UrtheCast signs credit agreement for US$142 million credit facility

Canada: UrtheCast has announced that it has entered into a binding credit agreement (the “Credit Agreement”) for the previously announced US$142 million senior secured credit facility (the “UrtheDaily Facility”) with UrtheDaily Funding L.P., as the initial lender. The proceeds from the UrtheDaily Facility will be used to finance the construction, launch and deployment of six satellites (the “UrtheDaily Constellation”), and for related working capital and general corporate purposes. UrtheCast is also…(Read More)

Turner & Townsend launches 3D virtual tours with Matterport

US: Turner & Townsend has adopted Matterport technology for launching 3D virtual tours as part of its documentation process for site compliance and reporting. Matterport allows users to quickly and easily capture real-world spaces with its Pro2 camera in order to create 3D virtual tours, floorplans and precision photography. The technology has the flexibility to integrate into BIM, helping firms more accurately document key construction milestones and effectively communicate progress to project…(Read More)


Urban planning and GIS

urban planning gisWhile the population of the world is growing exponentially, the land available to accommodate the same remains limited. In fact, it is shrinking in size with every passing day. Urbanization is the new menace the environment is fighting with. Humans are actively engaging in encroachment of the lands for the wild, but still, the problem of suitable living conditions for all prevails…(Read More)

Eight points on how GDPR will affect commercial drone industry

how GDPR will affect commercial drone industryThe countdown for GDPR has begun. From 25th May 2018, the European Union’s new General  Data and Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all set to impose certain rules and regulation on the data collection, storage and its processing to safeguard citizens privacy and security.  With this rule, Europeans will have the right to protect their personal data collected, stored and processed by any source and means and regardless of who collected it. Naturally, the drone industry will also come under its purview…(Read More)