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Israeli co strengthening presence in geospatial market

Israel: Sivan Design, a privately held GIS solutions provider from Israel, announced that after successfully completion of FELIS – Federal Land Information System in Nigeria, the company has been awarded several similar projects in various states in Nigeria. Those systems include state level information and are used for handling the entire cadastre land registration process. In some states the system was extended to include other resources and infrastructure such as water, electricity, gas, oil, etc.

Elaborating its experiences during FELIS project, the company mentioned in a press statement that following the system assembly, the official users were thoroughly trained from basic computer skills to GIS capabilities and using the services and information provided specifically by the FELIS system. Today, land officers from various remote sites use and update the system with both alphanumeric and spatial data on a daily basis.

According to the company’s press statement, to meet with today’s geospatial market demands; the company has recently released 3D-GIS in the Cloud. It combines and implements 3D and cloud computing technologies into GIS. The key approach behind the design of the application’s architecture is that the 3D environment is created on the server, leaving the client free from heavy calculations and the need for extensive computing resources.

Another key feature implemented in the application is that the 3D environment includes information on spatial objects both above and under the ground. Originating from a professional GIS application, the 3D-GIS provides data management capabilities with a series of 3D querying, analysis and visualisation tools.

Source: Sivan Design