Israel to unveil new ISR system

Israel to unveil new ISR system


Haifa, Israel: ImiLite, a new intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will make its debut at the Land Warfare Conference in Australia. The company said its ISR command and control exploitation system is designed to receive, process and exploit multiple stand-along imagery, video and other data in a centralised and unified way.

ImiLite generates a variety of standard and customer-tailored ISR reports and IMINT products such as alphanumeric reports, annotated maps, GIS data layers and visual aids, and disseminates them to external information and operation systems over standard and tailored protocols, the company added.

“ImiLite’s advanced ISR exploitation capabilities provide defence and police forces a leading edge in dealing with today’s intelligence collection and processing demands,” said Haim Jacobovitz, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Rafael’s Network-Centric Warfare Sector.

“ImiLite joins Rafael’s battle-proven C4ISR solutions to complement its vast variety of other advanced defence systems in use by dozens of customers around the world.”

According to the company, the main system capability of ImiLite includes reception, processing and exploitation of EO, IR, SAR/GMTI and VIDEO, in various formats over one desktop. To enhance the exploitation process, ImiLite further combines non-imagery data such as targets, threats, COMINT detection and mission status within the system work flow.

Source: UPI