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Israel to participate in European Galileo

Israel and the European Union have signed an agreement enabling Israel to participate in its Galileo program, the European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The 3.6 billion Euro Galileo project is expected to start operating in 2008 alongside the United States’ GPS system.

Israel’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Ehud Olmert has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement that ensures Israel participation in markets worth 100 billion Euros over the next decade. Israel, one of only eight countries in the world that has developed space capabilities, will be the second non-EU country, after China, to join the Galileo program as a member in the project’s governing body.

GALILEO is based on a constellation of 30 satellites and ground stations providing information concerning the positioning of users in many sectors such as transport, social, the justice system and customs services, public works, search and rescue systems and leisure.