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Israel to enhance processing of satellite imagery

Israel: In an effort to improve intelligence capabilities, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) aims to develop technology that will automatically process, analyse and catalogue footage taken from the country’s spy satellites.
Israel operates two types of satellites in space: electro-optic satellites, which use a high-resolution camera to take pictures of targets of interest; and SAR satellites, which use radar systems to create high-resolution images in all weather conditions, even through clouds and fog.
Currently, Israel operates the Ofek 9, Ofek 7 and the Ofek 5 reconnaissance satellites, as well as the advanced TecSar satellite, which is one of a handful in the world that uses advanced radar technology instead of a camera enabling it to take pictures at night, and in bad weather. The IDF also receives services from two commercially- owned satellites, known as Eros A and Eros B.
Due to the increase in reconnaissance satellites as well as their contribution to Israeli intelligence-gathering efforts and the increase in productivity – the IAF is hoping that with a new processing system it will be able to interpret footage faster and possibly even more accurately.
The IAF has reached out to local industries such as Elbit Systems, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for assistance in developing the new programme.
Source: Jerusalem Post