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Israel launches OFEQ 9 remote sensing satellite

Israel: Israel launched an advanced remote sensing satellite, OFEQ 9. It was launched by Shavit satellite launcher. The satellite will join the OFEQ 5 satellite, launched in 2002 and OFEQ 7, launched in 2007. It was manufactured by IAI / MBT Space division, the main contractor for all Israel’s space programmes.

The increasing use of small satellites for purposes of remote sensing, observation and communication stimulated Israel to develop capabilities of launching satellites by IAI / MLM Division. Some of the features of the satellite include:
– Weight: approx. 300 Kg.
– Height: 2.3 m.
– Width with open wings: 1.2 m.
– Span with stowed wings: 3.6 m.
– Life span: over 4 years
-Scanning swath: approx. 7 km.

In the next phase, the satellite will undergo several tests for validation of its serviceability and performance.

Source: Defenseworld.net