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ISPRS International Workshop, WG I/5

This meeting intends to bring together the elite researchers, developers, manufacturers, production engineers and operation managers to discuss the status of the theory, the technology, the methodology and the realities of Inertial/GPS Sensor Orientation after several years of accumulated experience in the field of airborne photogrammetry and remote sensing. The organizers, aware of the current high competitiveness in the area, are trying to set the conditions for a useful, informative and informal two-day meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, and expect to attract the real experts with hands-on experience on the subject.

Workshop Topics:
* GPS long range kinematic trajectory determination
* GPS precise absolute positioning
* INS/GPS/sensor calibration procedures
* INS/GPS/sensor system reliability
* Inertial technologies: present status and trends
* Non conventional applications

Working group Chairpersons:
Dr. Karsten Jacobsen (chair), Dr. Ismael Colomina (co-chair)