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ISC Announces Release of MapDotNet Server 6.1

Tallahassee, USA, July 02, 2007: ISC announced the release of MapDotNet Server 6.1 a development platform for data visualization and mapping applications and to integrate it with Microsoft’s newest technologies. The 6.1 release includes additional support for Microsoft Virtual Earth® 5.0, which was recently released by Microsoft.

The MapDotNet Server SDK provides software developers with the tools they need to rapidly develop and deploy applications for better user experience. The SDK fully supports AJAX, making MapDotNet Server a platform that supports the Web 2.0 movement.

MapDotNet Server brings geographic information and geospatial visualization into the Web 2.0 world, allowing organizations to incorporate enterprise data and processes, providing a platform for building mashups, rich Internet websites, and enterprise applications.

Features and updates of the 6.1 release include:

  • Support for SpatialDB, an OGC-compliant extension to Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
  • Support for ESRI ArcSDE 9.2
  • ArcSDE raster support
  • Extensive support for Virtual Earth 5.0 including 3D mode
  • Extensive tile caching support.