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ISAC to develop land administration model for tribes

Brazil: A research team from Integrated Spatial Analytics Consultants (ISAC), an Indian multi disciplinary and multiline consultancy firm, will develop a Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) for Forest Rights of Indigenous Tribes in Brazil. The team includes João Paulo Hespanha and Tarun Ghawana from the ISAC. In addition, Brazilian land administration specialist Dr. Silvane Paixão, joined the team.
The LADM aims to integrate the core elements to define land administration issues with flexibility to include spatial and temporal dimensions specific to a particular case study. It will allow capturing a range of specific, national or thematic concepts on land administration and expressing them in a common framework at the domain level, which can be further compared internationally and can equally contribute to achieve actual implementation through the use of current model driven technologies. 
Forests are part of natural resource wealth of a country and they are the source of different types of environmental and socio-economic benefits. Indigenous tribes all over the world use forests as their habitat as well as source of livelihoods. In recent years, forests especially in developing countries are facing pressure to bear the cost of development. This directly interferes with traditional rights of living and livelihood earning of forest dependent tribes. ISAC has focused its current Land Administration research on legal, technical and institutional measures to protect forest user rights in developing countries. Brazilian forest legal, technical and institutional aspects related to forest dwelling tribes are current focus of this research. In this effort, team researchers have collaborated with Brazilian experts also to conduct an authentic applied research, using real data supplied by Brazil government organizations as source for the proposed modelling.
Source: GSDI