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IRRI publishes map of rice-growing regions in South Asia

Philippines: To help understand changes in rice production, International Rice Research (IRRI) mapping team, led by Dr. Andy Nelson, has published a map of rice-growing regions in South Asia for this season. They will compare maps from different years to identify new rice production areas and areas where rice is replaced by other land uses.

Dr. Roland Buresh, part of the IRRI team that has joined the Philippine Department of Agriculture to establish the system, said that after responding to a series of simple questions about their rice paddy, farmers would receive an automated text reply recommending what amounts, sources and timings of fertiliser are needed for profitable rice production in their paddy.

In Rice Today July-September 2010, Buresh explains the technology and what they hope to achieve. In the same edition, Dr. Sam Mohanty in his article has mentioned that despite changes in rice production, in the last few months, global rice prices have fallen by more than 25%. Mohanty has provided some insights into the market and the ongoing need to boost rice yields by 1.2-1.5% every year to ensure food security in Asia.

Source: ScienceDaily