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Irish scientists trace leveret movements using GPS

UK: Scientists at Queen’s University (Northern Ireland) have become the first to use GPS tagging to trace the movements of leverets, members of the hare and rabbit families. The scientists were able to ascertain that three hand-reared leverets, infant hares, managed to survive without falling prey to foxes or crows after being released into the wild, despite the shock of a move from Dublin to Slemish.

“Previously we would have used radio tags and we had to walk around the fields and track these things down manually. Satellite tags would have been too big for these small creatures but the latest tags are much smaller in size and we made use of them for the first time on hares to see if it worked,” said Neil Reid, a scientist.
“With this technology we can get 1,000 locations every night. It really has revolutionised the amount of data we can collect,” he said.

Source:  Belfast Telegraph