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Ireland testing an innovative citizen alert tool

Ireland: Ireland is testing a GIS-based online tool, MapAlerter, for flood alerts, severe weather warnings, street cleaning and the progress of planning applications, guardian.co.uk reported. Anyone can log on to the website and create an account. Basic contact information is required, along with a postal address which is geocoded. Next, councils can log into the application and issue alerts to those who will find the information useful – residents known to live in the immediate vicinity to the problem, such as a closed road or a burst water main.

Residents can receive alerts through all the using channels, including a text message, an email, or a tweet – even a phone call with a recorded message.

According to the report, the technology will soon be available in the UK. However, local authorities across the Irish sea face pose a range of different challenges to the system, including a far larger number of residents in town and city boroughs.

Source: www.guardian.co.uk