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Iraqi province embraces GIS for water management

Iraq: Innovyze, a business analytics solutions provider, announced that the General Directorate for Water and Sewerage of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq, selected Innovyze’s InfoWater Suite. It is an ArcGIS-centric water supply and distribution modelling, management and optimisation software.

Within the framework of the Water Supply Improvement Project under the Ministry of Municipality and Tourism for the Kurdistan Region, InfoWater software will be used to develop detailed, accurate models of the water networks of the cities of Erbil (population 800,000), Duhok (population 300,000), Sulaymaniyah (population 770,000) and Halabjah (population 58,000). The networks comprise a total of approximately 2,700 km of water mains. The models will be used to optimise capital planning and determine cost-effective system expansion and improvement strategies aimed at ensuring a safe, stable water supply. The improved water supplies will also contribute to social and economic rehabilitation in Iraq.

“Network modelling is one of the most powerful and viable means of developing sound, cost-effective and reliable solutions for managing complex water infrastructures,” said Adel AbouJaoude, Ph.D., Associate and Environmental Engineering Department Manager at Khatib & Alami, a leading engineering and utility solutions provider.

Source: Innovyze