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Iraq map, published by the NIMA, is available through East View Cartographic

A limited edition Iraq Planning Map has just been published by the United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), and is available through East View Cartographic. The map is a very useful reference resource for Iraq and includes portions of the surrounding countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Turkey. It is of a somewhat unusual nature because it also contains a number of inset maps showing information on various infrastructure related subjects.
A brief description of these inset maps is as follows:

1) A map of all 18 Iraq Provinces and their boundary locations,
2) Kurdish Regions including boundaries of PKK, KDP, and PUK areas and for the overall Kurdish region, plus international border locations, roads and regional routes.
3) Southern Marsh Region including airfields, hydrography, roads and highways, railroads, built-up areas, route markers, destroyed marshes and wetlands, open water, etc.
4) Power Infrastructure including locations of power generation plants, substations and powerlines.
5) Oil Industry including oil pipelines, refineries, terminals, gas pipelines, towns and maritime routes.
6) Distances between Iraq Population Centers in Miles and in Kilometers.
7) Hydrography including ports, rivers, dams, anchorages, etc.
8) Holy Sites map showing Shia Shrines, Sunni/Shia Shrines and other principal shrines in Iraq and neighboring countries.

The map also portrays political boundaries, populated places, transportation routes, elevation data, border crossing points, airfields throughout the area. It is both a useful geographical information resource for Iraq and a great wall map. You may see a sample of it by going to the following location on our website.