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Iran to launch two earth observation satellites

Iran: Head of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) announced that the country is preparing to put two new home-made satellites, called AUT SAT and Sharif SAT, into orbit in the near future.

“The AUT SAT will be put into the 55-degree orbit after some changes (in the satellite) and will be launched by Simorq (Phoenix) carrier,” Fazeli said.

“We try to launch the AUT SAT before the end of this (Iranian) year (March 20),” he added.

Fazeli referred to another home-made satellite named Sharif SAT being built by the researchers at Iran”s Sharif University of Technology, and said, “Sharif SAT will also be launched this year.”

Iran which first put a satellite into orbit in 2009, has managed to build several satellites in spite of sanctions and pressures of the US and certain European countries, dissatisfied with its progress and advancements.

Source: FARS news