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Iran to develop RS satellite Pars2

Iran: Iran’s Aerospace Organization decided to manufacture a remote sensing satellite Pars 2 and a communication satellite Qaem, according to Hamid Fazeli, caretaker director of the organisation. He said that Pars 2 satellite will be manufactured in next 4 years.
Pars 2 satellite will be designed for a period of three years. It will image the Earth with 5-meter resolution. Both satellites will orbit at an altitude of 600 and 3,600 kilometres.
Fazeli said Iran has difficulties obtaining satellite images and these images are provided by other countries. Using Pars 2 satellite, Iran can have its own satellite images, he added.
He said that Amir Kabir, Navid or Zafar are also remote-sensing satellites but the images taken by them are low resolution and are not efficient.
Source: www.payvand.com