Iran Food insecurity and vulnerability information and mapping system (FIVIMS)

Iran Food insecurity and vulnerability information and mapping system (FIVIMS)


(IANA) – Considering the necessity of development of Iran’s food security program and its dramatic impact in accessing national sustainable development and executive responsibility of Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOH) in this regard and the vision of Iran’s forth five-year-development plan and international obligation of Islamic Republic of Iran in World Food Summit (WFS) in 1996 to reduce food insecurity below 50% till 2015, proper planning is required to realize the objectives of Iran’s FIVIMS project.

Food insecurity problem may cause hunger and disease distribution among vulnerable people in short term and reduction of economical product rate of the country in the range of 6% – 10% in GDP in long term. The general objective of the project is poverty reduction in the country, so FIVIMS has been selected as the executive strategy as suggested by FAO aiming to help monitoring, analysis, management and display of vulnerable people in food insecurity, determination of quality of food insecurity, influencing parameters on food insecurity, participation of concerned public, private and non-governmental organizations reduction or removing food insecurity, determination of government policies and action plans in food insecurity reduction and finally development of a decision support system regarding influencing parameters on food insecurity problem in Iran is regarded.

Therefore, the use of geospatial information system (GIS) as an infrastructure to provide spatial analysis capabilities to develop and display different scenario through integrating and analysis of geospatial food insecurity data has been considered in the project. In the other word, determination of the spatial distribution of vulnerable people, quality of their food insecurity, reasons behind the food insecurity, trend of the food insecurity problem, and fundamental issues and parameters affecting the food insecurity and optimum government intervention programs are the subject of Iranian FIVIMS project.

Providing food insecurity, achievement of national sustainable development, establishment of spatial decision support system (SDSS) assisting poverty and hunger reduction, realization of the forth five-year-development plan in terms of achieving food security and poverty reduction through improvement of physical and economical access to healthy and sufficient food at all times and for all people, preparation of proper response to disaster management, coordinating government concessions and using the full potential of public and private organizations for development of human, food and agriculture resources are among the main objectives of the project.

The importance of availability, accessibility and usability of accurate, precise, up-to-date, integrated and sharable information for the concerned decision makers to expedite and ease decision making process and inter-organizational cooperation in food insecurity reduction program are other objectives of the project. The project is going to provide and disseminate the food insecurity information to assist spatial distribution of hunger in order to determine action policies related to food insecurity in the country.