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Iran aims to be exporter of spatial knowledge

Iran: Iran will launch several satellites in the current year and the next year. It will become the exporter of spatial knowledge until the end of the 5th development plan, stated Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President, Iran, during National Space Technology Day held in Tehran. He also unveiled new satellites and probe-4. 
Dr. Ahmadinejad uttered that the bright future is waiting for Iran and the momentum of scientific movement in the country is very high. By comparing the achievements in the field of aerospace in recent years, the President asserted, “I believe that the achievements of recent year is ten times more than earlier times. This means that Iran is moving toward the points of perfection with increasing acceleration. ” 
Ahmadinejad observed that the rate of scientific growth in the country is in direct relationship with self-awareness in Iranian scientists and researchers and said, “Today, self-awareness exists in a high level in this country.” He recommended Iranian scientists to rely on Iranian approaches to reach the peaks of knowledge since the Iranian approach in scientific researches and technology improvements and discovering facts is a special way containing a high level of achievements and impacts.
Source: ISA