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iPIX® Mapping System™ now available

Internet Pictures Corporation has begun shipping the new iPIX Mapping System. iPIX Mapping System is a complete software solution for the creation of maps enriched with geo-referenced iPIX 360-degree immersive images.

iPIX Mapping System combines GeoBuilder, iPIX’s new automated immersive image creation software, with powerful geo-referenced map creation software from Red Hen Systems. The software automatically locates GPS coded iPIX images into interactive maps. Fusing iPIX immersive images, traditional still images and geo-positioning data, iPIX Mapping System creates information rich maps compatible with GIS industry standards and can be viewed on the Internet as well.

Sample applications for iPIX Mapping include:

  • Emergency / First Responder Planning
  • Military / Surveillance
  • Natural Resource / Park / Land Management
  • Facilities Documentation / Asset Inventory Mapping
  • Commercial / Residential Real Estate
  • Crime Scene / Accident Scene Investigation
  • Man-made / Natural Disaster Mapping

Key features and benefits include:

  • Create iPIX maps that include iPIX immersive images, still images, video, sound, key points or interest markers, and links to documents.
  • Shorten lead times and increase productivity for new or updated maps.
  • Cable-free operation with GPS units from Garmin, Magellan and others.
  • Compatible with popular GIS software that supports .TAB and .SHP formats.
  • Direct HTML output for Internet / Intranet viewing.

The iPIX Mapping System is available directly from iPIX for $5000. The license provides for an unlimited number of iPIX immersive images and complete mapping software and is renewable for $3000 annually.