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IPIX Mapping System automates GIS Map Creation with geocoded imagery

Internet Pictures Corporation, a mission-critical imaging solutions provider has announced iPIX Mapping System, a complete software solution for the creation of maps enriched with geo-referenced iPIX 360-degree immersive images. iPIX Mapping System combines new automated iPIX image creation software, GeoBuilder, with powerful map creation software to automatically place GPS coded immersive images into interactive maps.

iPIX Mapping System integrates several advanced technologies, including an enhanced version of the Red Hen System’s MediaMapper, to make creating interactive digital maps fast and easy. Fusing iPIX immersive images, traditional still images, and geo-positioning data creates information rich maps for the $3 billion surveying/mapping and GIS market.

The most complete system available, iPIX Mapping System provides imaging that is much more comprehensive than video or still image offerings. With the integration of iPIX’s immersive imagery and geo-referenced mapping (GPS location), users now have an efficient GIS system that automatically creates detailed maps with interactive images of particular sites, complete with accurate GPS coordinates.

By associating precise positional data with immersive iPIX media, users will be able to create integrated visual maps of geographic information including natural resources, transportation, communications and utility infrastructure, construction sites, and disasters. Users will benefit from iPIX 360-degree immersive images to survey and map places or events like never before. The system is optimized for speed in iPIX media creation and map creation workflow.