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iPIX announces 360-Degree-By-360-Degree video surveillance system for use on land, sea and in the air

Internet Pictures Corporation, the provider of mission-critical imaging solutions, has announced the first-ever capability for 360-degree-by-360-degree video surveillance for military, defense, homeland security, government, law enforcement and private sector use. The iPIX 360VS system, being demonstrated December 4-5 at the Government Video Technology Expo 2002, is being used for a variety of data collection, tele-operations and situational awareness applications. Uses include video surveillance and data collection from UAVs, ground sensors and fixed installations, plus situational awareness and tele-operations attached to manned and unmanned vehicles and carried by personnel.

The 360VS system will be deployed to meet demanding military specifications for ruggedness and will perform under extreme conditions including sand storms, high winds and in other rough environments. High-resolution, live, spherical video images are viewed and recorded in real-time with one camera head utilizing no moving parts, providing high-reliability monitoring and recording while remaining covert.

The 360VS system offers the following benefits:

  • 360-degree spherical video
  • Live and archived remote surveillance, no post processing required
  • Portable and fixed capture and viewing stations
  • Highly compatible technology for custom integrations including object tracking and recognition, low light sensors, compression and archive/playback
  • Light weight (no gears or actuators required to orient camera)
  • No moving parts (fewer maintenance problems, discreet operations)
  • Software presents consistent visual angle for easier operator use and orientation during operations

The iPIX 360VS system accommodates integration of custom technologies including optical, sensor, image processing, and communication management.