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IONIC unveils the EC

At the second annual NatureGIS conference held in Budapest on 8 June 2004, IONIC unveiled the portal for the NatureGIS layer as the first implementation of the European Commission’s INSPIRE program.

INSPIRE, the “Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe”, intends to develop a relevant, harmonized and quality Geographic Information (GI) framework for environmental policies support in Europe.

The portal, built by the project team of interoperability experts, uses the IONIC RedSpider product line. The NatureGIS portal begins with information discovery, using the RedSpider OGC Catalog for the registration and cataloging of remote OpenGIS web service resources that offer valuable NatureGIS data. Many of these resources, hosted across the EU, were deployed with compliant OGC web services.

The NatureGIS portal is an application that provides access to multiple, distributed OpenGIS web service resources, including discovery in the NatureGIS catalog.

The IONIC RedSpider product line is natively based on ISO and Open GIS standards, which enabled the rapid deployment of this INSPIRE project.

The project started in April 2002 and is a strategic measure for EC policy in regards to creating a common GI infrastructure. The project will contribute to INSPIRE specifications, through creation of an environmental data model based on OGC and ISO metamodels, as well as the production of guidelines for GI in protected areas throughout Europe.