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IONIC announces OpenLS Location Based Services offering on Oracle 10g

IONIC’s RedSpider LOBOS (Location Based OGC Solution) now supports the routing, geocoding and reverse geocoding functions within Oracle 10g Spatial and Application Server, enabling a complete OpenLS Location Based Services platform for mobile devices, web applications, and enterprise processes. Oracle 10g’s support for NAVTEQ’s premium product, and IONIC’s native support for Oracle 10g, now allow enterprises to deploy OpenLS routing, geocoding, reverse geocoding, and directory services off a single instance of the data. This allows for higher levels of location data integrity, with all location processes operating from the same data.

RedSpider LOBOS is the OLS compliant evolution of robust, scalable, and clusterable technology that has been in production for several years. RedSpider LOBOS has been implemented in the first and largest 3G telecommunications network serving over 11 nations/2 million users. This latest evolution is being deployed in corporate call centers, mobile applications and other enterprise applications for both government and commercial clients. LOBOS allows you to create innovative business applications such as geospatial call desks, road side assistance, customer management, asset trackers, fleet management, people finder, geostatistics, best path finder, toll-collect and many more innovative applications that require a geospatial dimension.

IONIC’s support of Oracle 10g location services signals the maturity of Oracle’s commercial support of location services within its mainline products. NAVTEQ will soon be shipping its premium data product in Oracle 10g transportable table space, making the deployment and maintenance of robust, enterprise-class location services easier than ever before.