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Introducing GPS Child Locator & “911” Call-For-Help Watch

Parents…have you ever experienced the bone-chilling realization that you don’t know where your child has disappeared? Playing in the neighbourhood, in the back yard, at a playground, on the way home from school, an amusement park or shopping at the mall?

It is even worse because you have no way of knowing if your child is safe, having simply wandered off — or if they need emergency assistance and the authorities need to be notified immediately.

It’s a heartbreaking and frightening statistic. Over 2,000 kids are reported missing every day- that’s one every 40 seconds! That means over 725,000 children are reported lost every year in the United States. And these are just the reported cases. Many thousands more never get reported because the missing child is eventually located or returns within a few nightmarish hours. While most lost children are eventually found, others never are. In fact, in the case of a stranger abduction, the first three hours are critical to the child’s safe return.

Any parent that has felt the fear of not knowing where a child is can tell you it is one of the worst things that anyone can experience. Until now, there was not any way for a parent to absolutely be sure that they could locate a missing child quickly. Also, there was no small device that gives a child a simple way to call for “911 style” emergency help if in danger or injured.

A truly revolutionary safety and security watch. Making use of the multi billion dollar U.S. Government Global Positioning System – combined with the nations largest cellular system – this marvel of technology packs dozens of safety features into a watch-sized package.

In a matter of a minute or two, any parent can easily locate their missing child’s location to within just a few feet. You can send them a numeric page. You or the child can request a “911” emergency response.

Best of all it works virtually anywhere in the United States. You can personally track your child from any Internet browser. You can choose a variety of features from your home or office computer. You can view your child’s location on a street-style map (including the nearest address if available) or from an aerial photograph indicating the exact building or area your child is in.

Or, from any telephone or cell phone, you can also call a toll-free number to have a professional central monitoring station representative locate your missing child for you.

It’s a true communications device. Its a fully automatic digital date and time watch. The numeric pager holds up to ten past pages and has an audio alert (which can be turned off) each time a page is received. It is shock and water resistant, locks on to prevent unwanted removal, and can be used anywhere in the United States!

Designed to give you years of protection, it has been in design, development and testing for over three years. Recently, Popular Mechanics awarded its innovative design & construction. So ahead of its time, the GPS Child Locator Watch was the winner of the prestigious “Best Innovations” award at the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show.