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Intrinsyc Software in partnership with LBS co.

Canada: Intrinsyc Software International and Movix – a location-based service provider have announced a long-term agreement that provides Movix with access to Intrinsyc’s core navigation assets in source code form. The partnership will enable Movix to sublicense to other navigation and location based service providers throughout Latin America.

The agreement provides Movix with source code access to optimise Intrinsyc’s Destinator navigation software on a broad set of platforms including: Apple iPhone, Android and Windows based handsets and tablets and Windows based Personal Navigation Devices. In return the companies have agreed to sales targets and minimum volumes of licenses to be purchased over the one year agreement.

Destinator is a navigation application featuring a trusted, reliable routing engine that exceeds all performance benchmarks. Destinator provides full onboard maps allowing for continuous navigation and preventing the user from incurring expensive network connection fees associated with alternative solutions.

“This agreement allows Movix to bring increased innovation and localized navigation features for Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets from Mexico to Argentina,” said Carlos Roberto Borges, Managing Director, Movix. “Destinator software is an outstanding foundation on which to build solutions for navigation and location based services.”

Source: Intrinsyc