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Intrinsyc partners with Blom

USA- Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX: ICS), provider of software solutions for mobile devices, announced a broad-based partnership with the Blom Group. Intrinsyc’s line-up of Destinator software products for turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation now includes a version that tightly integrates the Blom 3D PhotoNav® oblique aerial images with Destinator’s routing engine, Point of Interest search functions, and landmarks and street names covering more than 1,000 cities in Europe.

“The Blom Group’s 3D PhotoNav® is an exciting new technology for making the GPS navigation experience more visual and useful,” said Souheil Gallouzi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Products Development, Intrinsyc. “We believe navigation device and service providers can increase average revenue per user by offering 3D PhotoNav® as an add-on feature or premium service with the Destinator navigation application.”

By displaying rich images of a particular location, in addition to traditional vector maps, the 3D PhotoNav® content dramatically enhances the real-time Destinator experience for users. Objects like buildings can be viewed from the side, as well as from directly above. The aerial photos have a very high degree of detail and are updated regularly. 3D city models are based on the high-resolution oblique aerial photos from Blom, based on Pictometry® technology, and add value to different markets like navigation, real estate, directory services, emergency and security services, computer games, and entertainment.

Intrinsyc also announced that MLS, provider of navigation devices and services in Greece, is offering the MLS 3D Destinator Personal Navigation Device with 3D PhotoNav® from Blom. MLS markets Intrinsyc’s Destinator PND software on a Windows Embedded CE mobile device. Customers now have access to 3D PhotoNav® images for most major landmarks and cities in Greece, including Athens and Thessaloniki. For the first time ever, users can actually see a picture of the Acropolis on the map as they navigate to the most famous destination in Greece or thousands of other landmarks across the country.