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Internews maps Afghani people’s exposure to media

Afghanistan: In Afghanistan where only 9 percent of the population has access to the Internet and more than half never uses a television, it’s tough for media to understand how people get news and other information. As part of its efforts to support independent journalism in Afghanistan, Internews mapped the results of a recent media research survey to tell the story of where people tune in for news.

Internews used TileMill, an open-source mapping platform, to design the map and tooltips to overlay the contextual data. The map shows the percentage of people who have access to a radio, television, mobile phone, and the Internet by province throughout the country, and combines this with demographic information on each province, including literacy rates, access to electricity, and an urban/rural breakdown.

In Herat, a more urban area with high access to electricity, 86 percent of the population has a television. In the more rural Uruzgan province, with more limited electricity, 99 percent of the population owns a radio and 90 percent owns a mobile phone — but there are few televisions and no Internet access at all.

Source: PBS