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Internet mapping site GeoViewer Online publicly available

Nobel Systems announced the public availability of its Internet based GIS service, called GeoViewer Online. This service features an ESRI technology based GIS application, GeoViewer, which is accessed by the end user using thin client technology within a web browser. The result is a full-featured GIS experience on any computer with Internet access at a fraction of the cost of conventional GIS.

Using GeoViewer Online, customers can expect to save up to 80% on their annual GIS costs!

The service is targeted at any organization that wishes to enjoy the benefits of GIS but does not want to deal with the problems of implementing a networked GIS application on their own. With GeoViewer Online, the customer has no capital costs for hardware. The thin client application will make any computer behave like a high-powered GIS workstation! With the GeoViewer Online service, the customer can also enjoy a full featured GIS with no labor costs, since Nobel systems handles all of the day to day management of the GIS system. The customer is free to concentrate on using the GIS, not maintaining it!

The core of the GeoViewer Online service is the GeoViewer application itself. GeoViewer is not a stripped down GIS, but a fully integrated GIS based on the industry standard products from ESRI. GeoViewer’s features are too numerous to list, but include the following:

  • Standard map navigation including pan and zoom
  • Intuitive drill drown theme manager for turning layers on and off
  • Ability to connect to any database type on a per layer basis. Connect to as many databases per layer as needed!
  • Robust Query Builder that uses the powerful SQL to search for features. Save your queries to file for later use or save to the Selection menu.
  • Supports ESRI Shapefiles, Coverages, CAD Drawings (dwg, dxf, dgn) and SDE 3.x data and ArcSDE 8. Also supports a wide variety of images including MrSid.
  • Intuitive Select Toolbar. Select multiple features in multiple themes and:
    • Calculate Statistics
    • Generate Unique Attribute List
    • Find features within a specified distance
    • Convert selection shapefiles
    • Convert to DXF.

  • Legend Editor – change the color or line width of any feature with ease.
  • The ability to configure Custom Searches – Search by street name, by owner name, address. Ability to create database driven searches that highlight features on the map
  • Measure area and length
  • Print maps with a title, scale, and border with a single click. More extensive maps can be composed using the GeoViewer Map Composer. All printer and plotter types are supported and maps can be customized, saved, and even converted to PDF files!

The ability to export any dataset to DXF via the DXF wizard.