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Internet-based onscreen-digitizing with eCarto and Image Web Server

Developed by CartoData, eCarto provides true multi-user digitizing capabilities over the internet or an intranet. Using orthophotos served from ER Mapper’s Image Web Server, eCarto allows users to trace roads, buildings and other physical features and store this information in a database. Image Web Server is a specialized, high performance application that serves large volumes of image data via a Local Area Network or the

eCarto and Image Web Server bridges geographical distance with technological ingenuity. Groups or individuals, located in different cities, states or countries, can work effectively together, even on the same data layer. Digitized feature information from eCarto is added to geographic databases using Open GIST standards. CartoData provides geographic information services for the benefit of public and private sectors of the economy by producing digital cartography as well as developing software solutions on geographic matters. ER Mapper offers integrated imagery solutions for enterprise geospatial applications.